Diploma in Agriculture (NQF Level 6)
Successful completion of three (3) years full-time study is required for the qualification. After successful completion of the two years of full-time study, a third year of experimental learning will take place at an approved Agricultural Business which will lead to a Diploma in Agriculture after successful completion thereof. After completion of the Diploma, students can further their studies at any Tertiary Institution of their choice for an applicable post-diploma qualification, e.g. B Tech., B Agric (Hons), subjected to the admission and registration requirements of such an Institution.

Qualification content

The following four fields of study are Compulsory to all
registered students. Our program does not allow
specialization in any one of the fields of study.

  1. Animal Production
    Animal Nutrition, Animal Breeding, Small Stock Production, Animal Health, Diary Production, Poultry Production, Anatomy and Physiology, Pig Production and Beef Production.
  2. Plant Production
    Soil Science, Horticulture, Agronomy, Pasture Science, Crop Protection, Agricultural Botany, Plant Breeding, Fruit Production, Vegetable Production and Soil
  3. Agricultural Engineering (Trades)
    Building, Mechanics, Welding, Agricultural
    Mechanisation, Irrigation & Drainage and Surveying.
  4. Agricultural Management & IT
    Computer Literacy & Applications, Farm
    Management, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural
    Economics, Agricultural Finances, Agricultural Labor
    Management, Research Methodology and Agricultural Mathematics and Agricultural Entrepreneurship.

Admission requirements

  • Grade 12: certificate/statement depicting symbols.
  • Equivalent certificate or higher.
  • Grade 11: Final Result and/or Grade 12: June Record Exam result for Provisional Selection.
  • Subjects: Any subject except Life Orientation can be considered for admission.
  • Recommended Subjects: Agriculture (any type),
    Mathematics, English, Afrikaans and Physical Science.

Career Opportunities

  • Farming
  • Farm managers for companies, professional people and farmers
  • Agricultural Extension.
  • Agricultural Technician
  • Food inspector
  • Agriculturalist: breeds
    societies, fodder and
    seed companies
  • Agricultural Research Technician